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( NASA’s next exoplanet hunter to launch in 2017 – space – 08 April 2013 – New Scientist [space] [science] [telescope] [exoplanets] [planets] [seti]

( Alien megaprojects: The hunt has begun – space – 09 April 2013 – New Scientist [seti] [space] [science] [dyson] [sphere] [survey]

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( Close Encounters of the Turd Kind in NASA’s Apollo 10 Transcripts [space] [exploration] [humor]

( Der Mundo : Share The World With Your Friends

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( Christo and Jeanne-Claude | Press | Big Air Package [christo] [big] [air] [package] [gasometer] [uberhausen]

( Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio in the service of Gorbachev [gorbachev] [movies] [history] [cinema]

( Boeing Completes Final 787 Battery Test, Awaits FAA Approval | Autopia | [boeing] [787] [battery] [tests] [faa] [aviation]

( How Thatcher The Chemist Helped Make Thatcher The Politician | Popular Science [margaret] [thatcher] [science] [scientist] [women]

( Muere Margaret Thatcher | Internacional | EL PAÍS [margaret] [thatcher] [primera] [ministra]

( Margaret Thatcher, inflexible power [margaret] [thatcher]

( CNN Poll: Worries about North Korean threat at all time high – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs [politics] [obama] [washington]

( Opinion: Crunch time for Obama and Washington –

( Is This What the Big Bang *Sounded* Like? – Rebecca J. Rosen – The Atlantic [cosmology] [space] [science] [big] [bang]

( Can we survive in space unprotected? – [space] [vacuum] [science]

( Cyprus: New lists “update” that took money out – politics – THE STEP [cyprus]

( “The H7N9 virus has mutated in a way favorable to transmission from man to man” [h7n9] [avian] [flu]

( Cyprus’ real danger of default “- Economy – THE STEP [cyprus]